My Dream

January 13, 2012
By Josh4229 BRONZE, Perry, Michigan
Josh4229 BRONZE, Perry, Michigan
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My Dream is a Dream that many could keep
My Dream is a Dream that many do seek
My Dream is one set by Martin Luther King Jr.
My Dream is a Dream that most would support
My Dream is a bold dream one very strong
My Dream is for racism to vanish from earth

If Martin Luther King Jr. was here today
My Dream would come true one day
My Dream of racism nowhere is going to come true
The clans for racism will one day turn away from their ways
The south did so can they
They all say it should the way it is today
They say the earth has changed
I say it hasn’t very much at all
The words they all say
They hurt as bad as ever now
The worst is still here
Greater things are yet to come
Change has came but not enough
The best will come soon
Now they say it is the end of the African American fight for rights
I say it has just began
Today is a day of change
We shall not keep it this way Dream Keepers will not let it stay this way
Today is the day to change
Today is a day for racism to end
Today is a day not to look at skin
But at the image of God on the outside and in

I know Martin Luther King Jr. speaks the truth.

I know I’m a Dream keeper
So are you

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