The Fire

January 13, 2012
By haley854 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
haley854 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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The fire alarm went crazy.
They ran to the trucks
And they knew it was going to be hazy.
They hoped they had luck.

The flames were high in the air.
They had to do their job right even at a great height.
They had to do this with care.
They would do this with all their might.

They ran in without any regrets.
They knew the child was in need
As the fire gave them threats.
They heard the child plead.

The sweat, dripping down their forehead
They wouldn’t give in without a fight.
They moved forward instead
Of turning away without using all their might.

They found the child all alone
He was under the covers
As the fire blown.
When the firemen began to hover.

They pulled the child out.
They carried him away from harm,
As the house began to burnout.
They remembered the fire alarm,

That brought them to this day.
And the mother cried out to her son.
That the son would not have to pay
For what has been done.

The boy would never forget
That one fireman
He had met
When he was in God’s hand.

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