Something Like a Bumblebee

January 13, 2012
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When I grow up
I think I’d like to be
Something like a bumblebee

I can see it
Bold stripes, yellow and black
Fuzz buzzing down my back

I can hear it
Hum-drumming soft and low
Are my wings as I go

I can taste it
Honey, gold, sticky, sweet
Made by my twee six feet

I can feel it
In my tribe, Bombini
Dwarf but dire, stingers be

I can be it
A fine bumbling Bombus
Now, how to become this?

No school, college, nor university
Can help me become like a bumblebee
I cannot find it on the internet
But it is possible, I’m sure of it

For I know there isn’t a teacher greater
Than old, wise and worldly, Mother Nature
She teaches me to be humble, and sweet
But still sting those who threaten my beliefs
Which is something like a bumblebee

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