Butterfly Wings

January 13, 2012
fluttering, flying, flapping
my wings.
I soar above the ground,
afraid of the giants with nets.
I try to be wary,
but I'm trusting in nature.

Why do they wish to hurt me?
those giants with nets.
the smaller ones are okay,
they usually let us go.
But the big ones,
take my brothers and sisters.

I take a breath,
landing on a big green haven.
I taste the milkweed.
Oh no! I'm caught!
anxiously flapping my wings,
I try to fly away

I'm trapped in a tightly woven net.
In the eyes of the giant,
is a cruel, menacing gaze.
Triumphantly he pulls
at my blue and black wings.
My pride and joy,
being torn away

What can I do?
left bloody,
I can't even fly.

I stagger along,
but I can't support my weight
for very long,
tumbling, twisting, turning
I fall,
from my dangerous haven

never before have I been
afraid of open air.
but now,
I'm terrified.
I want to flap my wings and fly.
But the horrible one
took them. took my soul.

faster, faster.
the ground is coming.
During my pain,
The grass welcomes me home.

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