January 14, 2012
Black to black, ashes and ashes
Everything dies inside, watching what used to be you falling to the ground
I start to die more and more, I cried
Screaming on the inside, wait don’t go
But you leave and I’m left broken within
Music and melodies is all I have left of you
You watched me grow and loved me
Yet, the only time I could feel your love was
In the music every beat and every note
I felt your hugs, and your love
Now when I listen to the music I hear
What you wanted to say but never did
I hate your gone, I hate you leaving me
And not a tear in the world will bring you back to me
Why, did you change only after we finally talked again?
Why, were you never there for me when I truly needed you?
I’m crying and listening to a song you used to sing
I want to tell you with this poem that I hate
Yes I hate... I just want you back……
I love you daddy

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