End of Our Love

January 5, 2012
I miss you still, I always will, The way you talked and smiled, Your eyes soo bright, So bonito brown.

I loved you so with all my heart, Till I made everything fall apart, You made me smile, You made me glad, I made us lose everything we had...... So take my hand and be gone, Stay with me forever long. I cry at night wishing I'd die, So many tears filled my eyes, A hole I cant fill with you gone, Cuz with out you every little thing feels wrong, at times im happy, But want to be sad so I walk around punching walls, cutting my wrists and fighting with everyone just to be mad. I hate that all I can do is be pist. and then I remember him say "Please dont leave.... cuz we were the same, filled with no pain, I couldnt say hello, but now i cant let go. How could you think that i dont love you though?" I hurt you alot, I can see it now. I dont know how to live, wow. Im living a lie, Im living but im not alive, Theres pain inside because my love for you........ Im scard i dont know what to do

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