time and time agin

January 3, 2012
By magenhumphrey BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
magenhumphrey BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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happly ever after

Time and Time again
Time and time again they say everything will be ok:
They don’t understand the pain I go through.
They don’t see what we see.
All they see is the mask.
They don’t see what happened behinds the closed doors.

Time and time again they say its for the best:
Do they know what the best is?
Do they really think I’m happy?
Why don’t they listen to me?
Why don’t they believe me?

Time and time again they come:
They ask me questions.
How do I answer when she’s there?
When were in another room she listens.
Ease dropping on every word

Time and time again:
If I say the wrong thing I get the fist.
If I slip up I get the fist.
If I don’t do the cores right I get the fist.
I get the fist..
Time and time again:
We go to court.
We don’t speak
Voices unheard
The same verdict.

Time and time again:
Time and time again
Time and time again
Time and time again
Time and time… this time change.

Time after time:
We were heard.
Tables turned.
House to house
Finally home

The author's comments:
this artical is about my life living in foseter care and with my grandmother who was very mean.

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