Fast forward To Now

January 14, 2012
I'm sick of your fears-sick of you crying about yesteryear.
Baby, It's a new day with fresh light and clear skys
so why can't you leave the past behind?
... Talking like its now instead of then, when, oh, when will you fast forward to today
and go out to play with your son?.
You know he's almost 8 now?
He misses you and he's constantly dressing up in your ties and shoes.
He loves his daddy with all his heart.
All he want is you to take part
in is childhood.
he's running around in the backyard
playing with is imagination
pretending that you were with him.
He comes inside in 20 minute intervals asking if daddy will play with him today.
I have to tell him no,
that daddy is still in bed,
tired from work.
But our son is learning how to tell time
He looks at the clock and asks why daddy
is still in bed at 3:35 PM on a Saturday.
I never have an answer for that one.
Baby, I know you miss the way things
were and life as it was then,
but I need you in the here and now.
So please, come back to us.

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