I had a dream remake

January 17, 2012
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I had a dream that all African Americans was still getting called the "N" word and haven't syop snice rasicm end and nobody care.

I had a dream that all latinos who live in mexico couldn't come across the boared with their families to live in the U.S with out a green card to say that they don't need to be a U.S citzen.

As i dream they get more deeper then the stuff I am talking about now.

I had a dream that all Blacks, Asians,Lations,even Natives are still living slavery and it hasn't end for us.

I had a dream that all of the Muslin from the Mid-East had gotten blame for 9-11 when the government know who really did it.

I had a dream that white was still getting blame for slavery and nobody isn't standing up and saying anything about it.

But why does some people see the truth but others are confused, naked,rob,and also blind i guess that why i keep having these dreams.

I had a dream that Martin Luther King Jr and Malcome X was living in the persent and seen what happen to their people and shake their heads in shame becuase of the madness that fill the world from their own people.

I had a dream that Obama had mess up the government and left everyone in the darkness and they ones who didn't vote for him saw it coming.

As my dreams get deeper and deeper people want to hear them more and more.
I had a dream that all of the world fell into darkness and everyone came together to put it back into lightness.

I had a dream that everyone didn't know how the futher was going to be like because of people anger and hate.

I had a dream that Aficans didn't get save from AIDS and genocide and Africa had fallen.

I had one and final dream that the world had peace and everyone had gotten along with each other there was no hate, murder, pain, violence, no nothing but peace friendship also love.

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AngelsKiss This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 23, 2012 at 8:08 am
This is a very inspirational poem:)
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