Autumns Beauty

January 17, 2012
By Anonymous

The autumn leaves fall
Like rose petals in the wind
There color fades
Like the morning dew after rain
They caress the countryside
With beauty and grace
Like everyone knows its place
The pumpkins grow
All big and ripe
The leaves all fall
When the time is right

The passing time has them has them decompose
Only when autumns at the close
Then winters coming with all its cold
However most people do not go and say
Hey, autumns here lets go have fun
We can enjoy the sun, leaves, and tree
We can go hang out most every day
Enjoying nature with friends happy so hey
Enjoy the lush colorful leaves
The dark brown trees heads full of leaves
And lastly the sun before it’s time comes
Before it goes mostly away
To leave the winter dark most of the day

But people don’t think at all like that
They sit around like pussycats
They sit on their couch every day
They don’t even try to see
The colors the beauty all around
As leaves come crashing down
But little heard is there quiet sound
There pretty colors out there
This is why I do not like the city
There is very little of autumns beauty
I use to see it every day in autumn
I use to live so far from here
But in the city every autumn day
The tree’s fireworks display
It is only a fraction of what it could be
If there were a lot more trees
The city could be beautiful

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