Moonlight Melody

December 20, 2011
By TenderHeart SILVER, Parker, Colorado
TenderHeart SILVER, Parker, Colorado
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the touch of her hand on mine,
Brings our hearts into rhythmic time,
I twirl her slowly across the ground,
The gentle breeze the only sound,
A late night dance of road side bliss,
Forgotten curfew that she's missed,
I pull her close the song slows down,
This only happens in a small town,
I can’t explain how I found her,
But all my thoughts resolve around her,
She is sweet, cute, loving and caring,
Her slightest smile keeps me staring,
She loves me like I’m the only one,
She says she is the flower and I am the sun,
I know some day she will move on,
But at least I’ll always have our song,
The one I sang on our first date,
That’s the first time she came home late,
Her parents worried, her face aglow,
That first sign of love began to show,
She will move on, I’ve seen the signs,
I have seen her sneak off with other guys,
My hearts been broken my world a mess,
But I fall in love seeing her in that dress,
The one she wore the night we met,
My secret crush then I kept,
I will never forget my moon light lover,
When she’s gone in my heart she'll hover,
Some things in life aren't meant to be,
But I’ll never forget our moonlight melody

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