The Season

December 2, 2011
By Alexis Gargin BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
Alexis Gargin BRONZE, Newton, New Jersey
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“Don’t breath
Until you pass the other person,”
Is easier said
Than done
Kick, kick, kick
Down to the other side
And back
And again and again
Race against the clock
Against the person next to you
And against yourself.
“Come one,”
“You can do it,”
You cheer your body on,
You want to stop,
But you tell yourself to keep going.
Push your body to the limit
And then learn to push
It even further
Endure it all
15 seconds rest
Catch your breath,
Down your water
Then start again.
Push yourself off the wall,
And through the water.
“Just keep swimming,
Just keep swimming.”

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