December 19, 2011
Something wrong?
Something right
Something write?
Nothing right?
Everything to write.
Empty, right?
To the left.
Look to the left.
Abuse what's left.
Nothing left?
Something theft?
You're a thief.
Take the wreath?
Look beneath.
Take a seat.
A seed?
Plant a seed.
The plant is dead;
The seeds still grow.
Look below.
What seeds?
Filthy deeds.
Plant the deeds.
Bury the deeds,
Kill the seeds.
Something dead?
Everything left.
Everything to the left of the seed was dead long before we looked beneath every single filthy deed.
They abused what was left.
Nothing was left right.
Something had to be wrong.
Everything is wrong in belief.
Everything was stolen by a thief.
Here they wrote those filthy deeds,
Here we had sown the seeds.
We only took a seat.
Then they stole the wreath.
That wreath we had grown
From the seeds we had sown.
Poisoned by their wicked greed;
They abused what we had left.
They planted over their deeds and left.
Look beneath.
Look past your heartless greed.
Look at the seeds they planted.
Our land was taken for granted.
Your black deeds won't grow.
It's your fault.
It's your fault.
Thief. Thief.
You stole our seeds.
You crushed our hope.
You made these weeds.
Here you wrote.
You abused the right;
It was wrong.
Something wrong?
Everything seems right.
Now here we write:
Everything is wrong.

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