Taking Time for Yourself

December 19, 2011
By miiichhellee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
miiichhellee BRONZE, Melbourne, Florida
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Nowadays, people are commonly under stress.
Every day you start knowing yourself less and less.
If people would just take time to stop and breathe,
They could accomplish things you wouldn’t even believe.

Today’s crazy society can be a bit rough.
With all the bad influences, it tends to be tough.
With all the work, sometimes people don’t know what to do,
Which is why you need time that’s all about you.

A walk on the beach or maybe a short nap,
Or maybe even a little time to let out your thoughts before you snap.
You could go on a bike ride, or maybe run too,
Or even play piano, no matter what, it’s all about you.

Everybody should enjoy some time alone,
Whether you’re out in public or just in your pajamas at home.
We all need to let out our emotions and smile,
Even if only every once in a while.

So as you can see, it’s important to spend time by yourself.
This can help you and keep you in good health.
Sleeping, running, or just eating at home,
Remember, it’s important to spend time alone.

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