VG Criminal

December 19, 2011
By wtfbomb BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
wtfbomb BRONZE, Woodridge, Illinois
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Where oceans drifted into the bleeding sun,
I quickly made my way into my broken-down apartment briefcase in hand.
The sounds of scorching gunfire rings around in my head,
The stairs were terrible, they looked like they’re about to wear out beneath me,
My room just ahead on the left comes into view.
I grabbed my keys and make a desperate effort to open the door,
I finally arrived in my humble home, showing a double take to the deadly stairs,
I threw the loot on the bed, the briefcase lands with a soft thump,
And I picked up the controller and press the on button.
The console glows a distracting green X in the middle, I’m set.
I immediately started playing one of my favorite First Person Shooter games,
To escape what is really happening in the real world.
Two knocks on the door, two faintly heard voices.
I paused to the game in that tense moment.
Two burly police officers, busted into my residence,
They asked nicely for the bank’s stolen money,
I wasn’t ready to give it up, not without a fight at least.
I socked one of them in the face, his nostrils spilt blood all over the carpet.
Just as I was about to make a run for it, the polite police officer, sprayed Pepper Spray on me,
I was left there for a good 5 minutes until the nose bleeder picked me up onto my feet and cuffed me.

The author's comments:
This was made by me to express my love for video games and how some people might go a little too far to play even if you have better things to do, like in these poem, running from the cops.

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