Ticking Away

January 12, 2012
By Anonymous

Ticking down
To the end of days
It all unravels
Leaving heads spinning
Wish it would slow down
Give me a chance to look around
Experience all that I can
Feel all I am able
Discover things unknown
As the clock ticks away
Another day
Another year
Gone in a flash

I used to wish I could take it back
Rewind the time
And go to a much more peaceful time
Before all the worries
And all the fears
Back when everyone chugged koolaid
Rather then ice cold beer
Before nicotine replaced sugar
When fights lasted just a day
And friends stayed the same.

Thinking now
Its all changed
I don't yearn for the past
But ache to know what happens next
What time will bring
And what it'll take
Who enters
And who leaves my life
If I succeed
Or just end up another casualty of the streets

Deep inside
I know neither is possible
Retracing my steps
Or leaping a head
All I can do
Is walk down this road
And enjoy the little things
As they come and go

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