Don't Forget Me

January 10, 2012
By laikenpercic BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
laikenpercic BRONZE, Struthers, Ohio
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I miss you.
You're so far away.
It was time to leave,
But we wanted to stay.

Hours apart,
Miles between.
Our memories together
In my soul that they clean.

I cling to those memories
And pray they don't fade.
I think of the actions
Of the person they've made.

They changed who I am,
The choices I'll make,
The things I will do,
And the path I will take.

I'd do almost anything
Just to spend another day
In your haven of love,
A place I feel safe.

It's almost as if
I've known you Forever.
My reality is what
I can't seem to remember.

I notice a tear
Roll down my cheek.
Simply reminiscing
Can make me so weak.

I hope we reunite,
All becoming one again.
Please don't forget me,
My new best friends.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about a group of people I met on a cruise. We became so close in merely nine days that we all cried when we left. We consider each other family and keep in touch. I still cry sometimes and It's been 45 days since we left. I write many poems about how much I miss them and I want to be with them again. We plan on seeing each other over the summer and any other chance we get. My sister and I plan to see our friend that only lives two hours away very soon. I miss everyone so much and they gave me a great experience. Whenever I feel stressed, I close my eyes and remember all of the amazing memories we share and how they affected my life. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. It seems everything I do reminds me of that cruise. My sister and I are really close now because of our friends who let us show each other our true personality. My sister and I were always on good terms but never really connected because she's four and a half years older than me. But since the cruise we've been like best friends. Well, I don't know how to summarize so if you read this whole thing, I hope you understand why this poem means so much to me. Thanks for taking the time ! (:

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