White Men Can't Jump

January 12, 2012
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White Men Can’t Jump

White men can’t jump
Black people can
It may be biological
or it can be stereotypical
White men can’t jump

Black people have stronger knees
Causing them to jump high
The extra ligament in their knees
Is what makes them fly

Black people can jump over the mountains
White people can jump as high as a blade of grass
Maybe this is true
Maybe this is a stereotype

Or can black people jump higher
Because they are naturally more athletic?
I would highly doubt it.
It is probably another stereotype

I cant touch the rim
I cant high jump 6 feet
But neither can my friend
Who is a black athlete

Exaggerated efforts easily
Prove this stereotype wrong.
But I guess that’s the same
For all stereotypes.
So where does it end?

White men can’t jump
So then what is true?
Can all black people really jump high?
I would bet against it
But for now
White men can’t jump

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