"Sent to Save Me"

January 11, 2012
There no matter what

Remaining right by my side

Under any circumstances

Even unto the death

Forever in my heart

Relished in memories

I will never have anyone

Even in my whole life

Nearly as amazing as thee

Doing all in thou power to protect and to

Save me from anything that may

Harm me, even if it means from myself

In my darkest times, is there for me

Powerless at times, yet never choosing to leave

And others may say we are more than friends

Never will they understand that indeed we are

Do not think i mean we are in a word "together" for we are not

Like many fail to understand what we have is far beyond that

Over the years we have grow closer than any family or friend we have

Very nearly as parts of the same soul, for as the mighty Zeus once said

Every true friend is of one soul, mind,& heart separated into 2 bodies, this is what we are!

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PianoRain said...
Jan. 15, 2012 at 2:15 pm
:) So, so, so true. Great job!
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