The sound of everything to nothing

January 12, 2012
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I found my poem
Running all over camp
I can hear all the kids playing
And the adults laughing
I stand and listen
And cut out all the nose
All I hear
Is the sound of the waves
Crashing and splashing
Onto the sand and
All of the small to lager rocks that
Cover the bottom of the shore
I found my poem waling to the water
Stopping before I feet can touch the water
I roll up the dark blue jeans
That was always too long for me
Moving closer and closer to let
The ice cold water hits my toes
I feel a ice cold, ice cold chill go up my spine
You can see the goose bumps
Go all up my arms
As I come back to reality
I smell the popcorn
And all the nose just comes rushing back
I can always find my poem
By looking at the large blue-green lake

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