Oil and Water

January 12, 2012
Trust lies in each crevice of the woods,
crawling and hiding until it can only decay.
Abuse and mistreatment caused it to retreat,
Fearing the evil of the surrounding world.

Trust takes months and lies take seconds
but somehow the two are mixed.
Riskily swirling together in a deadly potion,
Poisoning the unsuspecting, the naive and the unaware.

Choke down the false and try to speak the truth,
I find its near impossible to separate the two now.
Like oil and water, the two should not combine,
but something, somehow, manipulates them to one and the same.

Tainted by the enemy, trust creeps away, head ducked down low,
Away to a place that no one tries to find.
Too much effort and too much time,
Why use trust when you can just use lies?

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