January 11, 2012
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that sudden feeling when you feel alone.
that moment when you feel no one wants you
yea, thats the lonely feeling.
it kills doesnt it?
you just wish you can just die.
not being loved, can be death
no one hates me more than my reflection
i think that everyone has these moments
there is no such thing as a 24/7 happy person
we all try to hide it under those big fake smiles of ours.
crumbling your lips and teeth trying to keep that smile in place when really you want to break down and cry.
crying like no other.
you have a boyfriend
yet you still think he's just using you just to mess with your feelings and get pleasure out of it.
when you think he's your everything but in reality he thinks your just another girl in his eyes.
i want to get drunk and high
i want to let the world know what im feeling.
i have no life.
i have no friends.
i have no love.
lonely feelings kill....

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