Tree Tops

December 23, 2011
The silence floods the fresh mountain air,
And the mountains shrug as if they don't care,
The rabbits hide in their small bungalows,
And over the tree tops the sun glows,

It rises to greet the high mountaintops,
And suddenly it seems everything stops,
The air is at a deathly still,
As if at any moment it could strike and kill,

The birds sit quiet awaiting their big show,
And very soon they seem to know,
The leader taps his conductor's baton,
And soon the whole forest will know it's dawn,

The deer sneak quietly out of their places,
And suddenly the whole forest races,
The elderly awake their sleepy young,
For they know the morning madness has begun,

The forest now awake and alive,
Buzzes busily like a bee hive,
Twigs snap under unknown creatures,
And they quickly hide their distinctive features,

For at any moment a predator could leap,
And into its prey its thick teeth seep,
So they keep aware of their surroundings,
And what they see is truly astounding,

The trees lean towards the now high sun,
As if they are swaying purely for fun,
The plants grow high and strong,
At least until a hungry animal comes along,

The air gets cooler when the sun begins to fall,
And the animals' weary bodies make them less tall,
Soon the night has flooded the air,
Leaving the forest empty and bare,

It awaits the glowing sunrise,
And the forest's empty sky it will cannibalise,
As if they are greeting the new day,
Once again the tree tops will sway.

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