Star in the sky so bright and Special Child like kind came to life

December 24, 2011
One night as a bright star in the dark night
shined over the entire town of Bethlehem
There was a sweetness unexplainable
that 3 Shepherds looked upon the dark night as a light shines upon them and said don't be frightened for I am an angel of Heaven
A child has been born in a town south of Jerusalem, The child is a special child given to you all by God.
As that very star shined the 3 men followed it that very night and came across a Miracle child that one day will look his people in the eyes and hold their hands and walk them through the light. The star was a very special sign that night as a child named Jesus son of God who will one day shine the light and will be who he is meant to be known as Jesus Christ the Lord and Savior of His people and he will be a great God in the sky and world wide in the day and at night. Jesus whom is our savior shined a light to say goodnight.

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