If I Brought You Back Would You Love Me Like You Used To

December 24, 2011
if i wished upon a star
could i bring you back?

and if i brought you back,
would you love me like you used to?

would you run up to me
and sat "hey baby"?

would you hold me in your arms
and whisper in my ear "i love you"?

oh, my darling
would you love me like you used to?

because no matter how hard i try
i still miss you

with every breath you have left
i pray you're not just my past

those three years went too fast
and i really wish i could have made them last

and i cant believe that two years later
i can still write love with great power.

but if i blew away a kiss
would it just be missed

or would you feel it on your cheek
all those miles away from me?

because sometimes at night
i don't feel so alone

because i reach my heart out
and i think i can feel you next to me

next to me like old times
times i wish i could bring back

and if i brought you back
would you love me like you used to?

would you hold my legs
then pull in close for a kiss?

would you spin me around
and pull me down on top of you

and lace your arms around me
and nuzzle into my neck

and declare to the world
that i was your girl?

would you love me like you used to
if i could bring you back?

i like to dream it to be true
that is, when i don't dream of you

but because i cant bring you back
though i really wish i could

i think about you now
and how you are

and who you're with
and how i wish they never hurt you

because even when we weren't together
we were still the best of friends

and i bet you still remember my favorite things
even though i don't remember your voice

and if you were to see my face
i doubt you would recognize me

because wow, how we've changed
but i hope one thing about you didn't

that if you saw me again
you would love me like you used to

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