Deep Blues

January 7, 2012
By a.heath BRONZE, Sylacauga, Alabama
a.heath BRONZE, Sylacauga, Alabama
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Drop everything you have
into an open sea.

A sea full of treachery &

I gave my all just to sail
& discover its bounds.

But all I found was a whirlpool
of lies & success unbound.

It sucked me within its depths
as I heard the gentle current
whisper "I love you" while
it took away my last breathe.

We swayed together hectically but
comforting also, I found myself
never wanting to go, so I followed.

But the sea began its battle with me.

A war of control & tucked away pain under the ocean deep.

Lost within my mind, dazed &

It never occurred to me the was
just a phony.

Until it mistook me for a fool.

The day I began to walk to the shore away from the never ending pool.

I tried & tried, but couldn't take life on the land.

I ended up making a sea of my very own tears as a last stand.

I dove into the water, unsure but willing to trust.

Who knows whether it was because of love or lust?

The seaweed of fever wrapped around my heart.

I never once received an early start.

But the brilliant blue shined on &
so I held on.

Once again, I was taken for a fool & I lost all trust.

So I began my risque journey back & forth between the land.

The water between to entrap me & reveal its treacherous ways.

I rivaled I could no longer stay.

I was fed up with freefalling through a enchating, unknown world & living along the side of pain.

I escaped.

But to this day, I still feel the salt on my skin & the taste in my mouth, the fluidity of my body deep in the South.

That blue, salty poison forever reminds me of the treachery & deceit of that dark, blue ocean.

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