Best Friends

January 8, 2012
Friends are the kind of people you tell all your secrets to.
The kind of people you swear you'd never lie to.

Best friends are the kind of people you'd take a bullet for if you had to.
But only if you had to.

True friends are amazing.
Through every up and down,
left and right,
They're there for you.
You can call them when you're crying your face off,
Or when you just want to laugh.

Treat them carefully,
Because you won't know they're your best friend until they're almost gone,
Or they become your family.

Treat them carefully because they love you.
Love them because they love you,
And tickle them 'till they pee because you love to see them smile that adorably, cocky grin.

Above all,
Treat them like they're the last person you'll ever see because sometimes you have no idea what they're going through,
And all they need is you to get them to the next day.

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