Look me in the eyes

January 8, 2012
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Look at me in the eyes,
tell me if its worth it,
if i should continue down this path
if my future bright?'
is it dull?

look me in the eyes now,
dear tell me why,
why is it like this?
the torment and guilt,
why do i go through this?

why wont you look me in the eyes?
why wont you tell me why?
is it my face?
does it hurt to look at it?
is my future that bad?
why dont you look me in the eyes babe?

is this some sick game?
do you really care?
is it all a play
am i your main character?

look me in the eye now
or i will walk out this door
i will leave right now ,
never to show my face again

look me in the eye?
even if it is to just say goodbye?
please i beg?
just look me in the eye one last time

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