January 10, 2012
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Dark silence fills the room,
As I squeeze myself into secrecy.
I listen hearing only
The fluttering of my heart,
Like the wings of a scattering hummingbird

I am like a mouse tucked and curled,
My nails buried into the ground
As I tighten into my small area of safety
All my Muscles clench,
Like a screw being turned and tightened.

My mind climbs,
Asking itself when we will be found.
There are only so many places one can hide
That have not earlier been occupied
All safety we find in hiding is gone
For the seeker has found all

My rapid hot blood screams
As it rushes through my body.
I freeze from the pulsing
Sound my eardrums contract
My eyes look up searching,

A shadow glides through the weightless air,
Walking towards nothing I can see.
I squeeze my lips tight together
Refusing to allow the frightened child
Escape inside me
My mind tells my body to run,
We both know there is nowhere we can’t be found.

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