The Deep Relationship Ocean

January 10, 2012
By cv9010720 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
cv9010720 BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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It is only my uncle and I,
About waist deep in the water,
A slight bounce of waves play
palm trees sway.
Then out of nowhere something happens:
Like an alarm clock in the sea,
The rod bends with a screech
Fish on the line!
The titanic weight of anticipation sinks,
This could be the one!
It’s as if I’m hooked to a submarine,
Seeing the shadow underwater come closer,
Each crank of the reel makes my heart race more,
I finally see it:
The three foot hammerhead.
A new bond forms with my uncle
and our relationship is as deep as the ocean.
Happiness is the host, here, at Hotel Paradise
Stepping away from the beach,
I realize we’ve reeled in more than a fish.

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