Our clock of Memories...

January 10, 2012
By at0micrachie BRONZE, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
at0micrachie BRONZE, Greencastle, Pennsylvania
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He was my first; he was hoped to be
My last. He was a hoax. But, we had
A blast. Our time went fast, but the
Clock struck out. It blew apart, and
Made our time run out. But, all we
Know is the future holds our newest
Memories. So, now we wait, ready
For what’s to come. We have a spark,
But, now were so far apart because of everyone.
They judged us, they made us fall. They
Threw the grenade at our clock last fall.
So, again we wait for university time.
College is what we planned.
Hopefully the clock will last with its
Time. I hope for him, he prays for me.
Two different perspectives, isn’t it funny?
We wait for a chance. We try to step up.
But, then the other just gives up. What
Has our time done with us? What have we
Done with our time?

The author's comments:
Based from experience. Who hasn't been there honestly?

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