The world is my stage

January 10, 2012
By cddylan BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
cddylan BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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The world is my stage
And I am it’s actor
My life is just an act
Everyone is my critic but never their own

From my first breathe to my last
From when I first stand to when I first fall
My life is a battle between right and wrong
Between what I should and shouldn’t be

From my first day of school to the last
People rushing in and out of my life
To fast to realize how quickly my act changes
Each day a different scene
Each year a different act

Now and again I float from my character
and become something I was never meant to be
Only to realize its not for me, no its not me
Be yourself, everyone else is taken

When my final act is here and I ask myself
Did I stick to the script?
Or did I cheat my act?
The most important question I can ask myself

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