Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness

January 10, 2012
Life is the very breath I breathe,
life is the chance to make choices freely.
Liberty is the justice I deserve,
and with justice my rights are reserved.
Pursuit of happiness is my alibi,
The very statement I hope to live by.
Without life where’s the point of liberties?
Life should be filled with hope, confidence, and dignity.
Liberty to free myself from others’ jurisdictions,
Follow the rules, you won’t be stepped on by usurrections.
Pursuit of happiness is a path you can take or pass,
Hopefully you had good influences and accept your true task.
Life is not just a course of existence,
But how you impact others and keep your consistence.
Liberty is not immunity from confinement,
Like Brenton ‘only until you infringe on other’s’ said on his school assignment.
Therefore I will tell you this, I believe in individuality, optimism, Buddhism,
I’ll make my life, liberty, pursuit of happiness,
Into action not factitious.

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