Brown Coat Angel

January 7, 2012
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Thunder clapped and a steady rain began to fall through the canopy.
Some boys who were happily playing in the woods, hurried home on their little feet.
One boy was being silly and started messing around, in the process the boy tripped on a log, ending up in a nearby creek.
As he struggled, leaves rustled next to him, a woman stood there in a brown dress.
The boy cried out for help and the nice woman knelt down and lifted him out gently.
She touched his sprained ankle and the pain slowly went away.
When the boy reached home, the boy and his parents were happy.
The boy wanted to thank the nice woman, but when he looked back at the woods, all he saw was the horizon in the distance.
From that day on, the boy never saw the nice woman wearing the brown dress.

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