What is friends to near enemies

January 9, 2012
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I have come to a conclusion, from these bashed brains, mixed feelings and meaningless confusion.

I never should have done it, should have never professed that's not something I'm professional at.

Relationships every time I messed up that crap, but I just can't take it back, it seems those feelings are gone in me but I fear that you were taken aback.

When I laid down the line so I wouldn't have to go on a tight rope so high, I could have put it aside but stuff left behind is evil to the eyes.

I never even seemed to care that you didn't feel the same, I knew it but I had to say how I felt to stay sane.

Get my crash out of the lane, but you seemed to consider profane.

You were so surprised to find out, like you never searched for it I thought it would be obvious as soup is homogeneous.

And now I'm afraid that we can't be friends, I don't want a relationship anymore I'm just afraid I can't make amends.

Because the thought that I destroyed that makes my brain and heart break and bend, like I should have hit the breaks right there and then but I just decided to write out and ride out my feelings till I broke the pen.

As I sift through this I try to understand, why this so perplexed you none of this goes hand in hand but I'm okay with that I feel as If I already moved on running out my feelings like errands.

No pain was apparent, that's why I new it just couldn't happen, so I just sucked it up like plastic straws and I just hope we can just be friends.

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