January 6, 2012
When you're around, my heart is set ablaze.
My words are caught as if in a maze
My eyes are frozen in place
And I throw my head to to the side to hide my reddening face.
A burning chill creeps its tendrils across every inch of my body
You're an angel bound in flesh; I'm a mear human, whose looks are shoddy
Contracting, stretching, flipping, turning
blast these butterflies for the havoc they wreak in my in their yearning!
A smile touches your lips and I'm fully shaded
My body clenches and my heart becomes less weitghted
It floats to my throat, creating a new obstacle in the haze
Ever should our shoulders brush in the crowded halls, your smell puts me in Ecstasy
I bite my lip to keep from going into a crazy!
Just to hold you would deliver me to serenity...

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