Astonishing Figure

December 20, 2011
By Jrm_lwp_Alb BRONZE, Billings, Montana
Jrm_lwp_Alb BRONZE, Billings, Montana
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Wondering along the gravel trail,
Leading into the endless hills,
Along the assortment of trees,
And among the jumble of bushes,
With the rough rustling, and leaves crushing,
Fearful noises within them,
Rough long grass stinging the feet,
If trying to take refuge from the gravel,
Blanket of many colors of leaves,
Chill of the night,
Pouring of the rain,
Making the wind more frigid,
Puddles of rain along the trail,
Astonishing figure a waiting,
Excitement flushing my heart,
With him I find content,
Relief into plush grass,
Embracing harmony in all of my surroundings,
Comfort with the sounds,
Pleasure from his warmth,
Scent of the rain,
Night becoming flawless,
Twinkling of the stars,
Passion of the moon,
Feeling complete and peaceful

The author's comments:
I wrote this because I was going through a hard time in my life feeling abandoned. I was taken from my family, lost my friends, and living in a house with people that wanted me to act fake and someone I wasn’t.

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