December 29, 2011
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The blood that captivates this body attacks the heart like a virus.
Those images that they planted are meant to grow and blossom into your own reflection,
But that same glass shines your soul with such greater strength.
The body boils and heats with every minute in passing.
“How can I conquer all when I can’t even begin to conquer myself?”
The skin swells while her heart is poured out onto paper through the runny black ink.
Yet from song to song the motivation seems to come from within.
She listens because she doesn’t want to hear herself writing, similar to how she doesn’t want to hear herself breathing.
The air that surrounds her has become poisoned with the forged talk of promise and fear.
“Take care of yourself.”
The pain carried through her ears helps the shakes, the quakes of the outer world go away.
get better.
Get better.
Eyes constantly glare from hinges as the numbness begins to spread and sink within her flesh
GET Better.
One half takes the damage.
While other burns through and through with the confidence that illuminates the idea of a satisfied soul.
But putting them together is what makes her glow
“Show me the path and O how I will embrace it with my bare hands
Yes, the same pair that bears the weight of this world”
Her future is portrayed on a projector in the smallest corner of the room,
But it is the calling warmth of the past that sounds so sweet.
“One day I’ll figure it all out”
“And On that day the simplest things won’t control the most majestic body”
“The simplest things won’t even begin to replicate those cancerous cells that I hide.”
And yet after all this babble she returns to the same place that caused the confusion
Yet, we all know it’s deeper than that.
Confusion takes the mind, but this-
This takes the Soul, the Skin, the Stomach, the Ears, the Eyes- but most of all the Heart
And leaves us with the pain that throbs
But Remember this if nothing else
One Step At A Time
Will help even the most stretched sight
Return to that normal viewfinder

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