roses become life

January 6, 2012
By Anonymous

Roses are all different colours
Some are red
Some are white
So clean
So full of life
So happy no matter what sort of day it is
Wishing it was me
So happy…


I guess life is different for us
Then anything else in this world
Everything else
Is happy one way or the other
Wishing I was not human
So I could be happy
And full of life…

Watching everyone else having
The time of their lives
Sometimes wishing it was me
So I could live one happy life
Just going with the flow…


That my dreams will come true
And I could do what I love to
Do and be happy for the first
Time in my whole life
And live my dream
If I do it I know
Anyone can do what they love

The author's comments:
i hope that no one gives up on their dream just because people put them down. do what ever you love doing don't worry what other people thing its your life do what ever you want to do with your life.

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