My Life's Change

January 6, 2012
By A_Fluffy_Poet BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
A_Fluffy_Poet BRONZE, Las Vegas, Nevada
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It started out with pain and tears.
Only been going on for months, not for years.
I've waited and waited a lifetime for things to change.
However, things happen to remain the same.

As life goes on, people don't stay.
For things to get better, I pray and pray.
More pain and more tears.
I just want to hear happiness in my ears.

As the seventh month came,
I knew things would change.
A wonderful miracle walked in my life.
When that happened, my world now has light.

Now there is less pain and less tears.
But more smiles and more cheers.
It's happiness that matters more.
All that sadness is now out the door.

The past is not yet forgotten.
But with her, I don't have to feel pain again.
With her, I feel different, way different.
That's not bad, it feels brilliant!

My world continues to stay bright.
We talk hours a day and hours a night.
My smiles never go away as I talk.
I enjoy seeing her as I walk.

As we grow closer and closer,
I keep saying. “ I chose her, I chose her.”
More laughs and more joy.
As I hear that, the connection is hard to destroy.

Tough times come around.
Tears or anger is what it sounds.
Explanations and apologizes are what is said.
I wanna hear laughter in my head.

Music comes out of me.
She's the only one that could see.
She's the only one that heard.
I believe her every word.

It's to the point where the word “love” comes to mind.
My heart says the same and love is defined.
Again more smiles and more cheers.
Those are music to my ears.

No lies and no regrets.
Tries hard not to get upset.
We want smiles and thrill.
Not happiness that will go downhill.

Friendship grows stronger and stronger.
I want to be together longer and longer.
Jokes are told hear and there.
Even more laughter is shared.

Without her, I would get lost.
I wouldn't replace her of any cost.
If she leaves, my heart will be filled with pain.
My days will feel like rain and more rain.

I say everyday, “natural beauty is perfect.”
She denies but I know I'm correct.
Playful arguments most of the time.
More laughs as we try to rhyme.

More fun in life.
Many good memories stay bright.
Plenty and plenty of adventures are planned.
That's when I feel to be the happiest person in the land.

As life goes on, more things will change.
However me and her will stay the same.
Less pain and less tears.
The love will never disappear.

Being yourself is the key.
That's because it's the natural beauty.
I know life will become better.
It won't if I didn't have her.

As life goes on, friendship grows stronger.
I believe it will go on forever.
Forgetting the past thinking about the future.
More memories and more adventures.

More trust and laughter and more smiles.
Make a better, way better life.
I love you, I love you.
I like it when it's just us two.

The author's comments:
My best friend inspired me to write this piece. It's about her.

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