My Wandering Soul

January 5, 2012
My soul, parted from my body


Somewhere cold

Without me

While, this hollow shell, which I call my body, lays here..


The cries

...The screams

For me?

I cannot hear

I am dead

Will you bring it home?

Home to my skin and bones?

I am weak...

Left alone..


My soul, wanders, aimlessly

It left me;

As if I had a place to go?

Why even call it my own?

It doesn't cling to its stronghold, this shell, any longer


Escaped from the sin and shame I add to its esteem

And my body...


To the extent of the dirt surrounding my skin

And the blood pours out onto the underground

The sting still in my wounds.



My wandering soul?

Where is thee?

I want to live...

And to think I know not where your location might be

Even I had the ability nor opportunity to save your condition

Although it's far too late and my wandering soul..

Has... Passed

And, I am gone

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