December 17, 2011
I'm a crazy kid who never knew why?,
That my life was cut short because of a lie,
It began with a secret that no one should know,
Now I gravely wish that I would have told,
I walk around trying not to share,
The pain and scares that lines up my hair,
I carry regrets and my sins,
But that doesn't compare to the secret I keep with in,

Many wonder why I am not the same,
Young kid with no regrets or shame,
I thought I could trust my so called friends,
But they cant even accept me how my old story ends,
I am new except for today,
My old life is like a plague,

Ssh is what I must do,
Ssh the past can hear you,
To finally be free and become new,
I must first kill the man in the mirror,
The first one who knew.

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