December 16, 2011
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Shadows Shadows ,
in the meadow of death
Have spoken to me
Look towards dawn
And turn to dust
Keep moving on
For these are just illusions
And they are not real
Just walk on the path
And roll like a wheel

Shadows Shadows ,
in the meadows of death
Have spoken to me
Ignore the crying child
That sees past the dead
And ignoring the weeping man
Who is lost once again
Overlook the bird being eaten by the snake
Do not look back
Or your soul is mine to take

Shadows Shadows,
In the meadow of death
Whispered to me
Nonsense for the common sense
To the mind of the subconscious
For the bird is alive
And the boy never cried
And the weeping man was found with me

Your backwards thoughts
Have made you lost
And now you weep underneath a tree
I'm sorry to lie
But the day has pasted by
And your soul now belongs to me.

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