December 28, 2011

Always hiding…

If you come out of hiding, they find you.

We have to keep hiding.

We have to keep running.

It never stops. They never stop looking.

No one knows where they came from.

No one knows why they’re here.

As far as we know, you can’t hurt them.

You can’t kill them.

All you can do is try to disappear.

They hunt us like game.

Once you’re caught, it’s over.

You never know when they’ll strike.

You never know if you’ll live to see tomorrow.

It’s a horrible, sick game.

A game that no one can win…

No one… except them.

Some people think that they’re monsters.

Some think they’re aliens.

No one knows.

All you can do is hide.

All you can do run.

All you can do…

…Is pray they don’t find you.

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