January 5, 2012
By StuartKratz BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
StuartKratz BRONZE, Tucson, Arizona
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Clouds are sparse and far between
A fiery sun scorches the desert dry
Tiny twigs and sand pop under our feet as we walk.
Cracks and snaps explode in our ears
The desert, still and quiet as we listen for birds.
Brothers scanning the trees for a flicker of motion.

A house sits abandoned on top of a hill
Empty and hollow like an old hermit crabs shell.
Lined with gutted hallways and bare walls,
With only wind whispering in its empty rooms.
Brothers exploring the unknown slowly.

We drift down the dirt road
Trains without tracks to guide us.
A driveway meets the dirt road
Dust and rocks collide with cracked cement.
The driveway leads down a hill
Into a barren lot, tiny weeds litter the ground
Scattered and scarce as the clouds in the sky.
Cracked cement covered by weeds and dirt
The desert slowly encroaching.
Brothers observing nature.

A red sun dips behind the mountains
A capsizing ship slowly sinking.
The brothers head home
The day in the desert already a memory.
Birds call slowly,
Slower and slower as the desert drifts to sleep.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem about a day that my younger brother and I had one day when we went exploring in the desert surrounding our house.

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