In December

January 5, 2012
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In December, the houses are shining with colorful lights covering their houses. Outside in the yard there are Santa’s, reindeer, and big blowup snowmen. This gets you in the Holiday Sprit!

In December, the houses smell like Christmas trees. The strong smell of the pine cones fills the houses with joy! Walking in the door, you can sense the smell of it filling your body with joy! The comforting smell of the Christmas tree that sits in your house gets you in the Holiday Sprit!

In December, the steak and potatoes, frying in a spicy sauce, the green beans soaking in the sweet sauce on the stove, simmering telling us they are ready to enjoy! All the great food during the holidays in one way that can really get you in the holiday sprit!

In December, the sparkling white blanket that covers the streets, houses, and buildings comes drifting down from the sky, calling us out to play! Playing in the snow, you can build snowmen, go skating, and you can pound your siblings with snowballs. (The best part) Playing in the snow gets you in the holiday spirit!

In December, you go speeding down the hill flying off the jumps and end up wiping out in the middle of the ski mountain. Yelling, the people working at the chair lift tell you to hurry up! Up the chair lift, the, blowing snow is flying everywhere. Whipping, the wind is flying into your face as you make your way to the top. This gets you in the holiday spirit!

In December, walking in the door you fall into heaven, the smell of the hot cocoa and warm Mac and cheese in the pot make you feel warm inside. After a long day in the snow you hop into your fleece pajamas and plop down on the couch relax and wait to enjoy the warm treats! This gets you in the holiday spirit!

In December, there are so many great things to enjoy. The holiday lights on the houses, the great smell of the yummy food that roasts on the stove! The snow, skiing, and enjoying all the great gifts you receive from all you family members! These are the amazing things that happen in December.

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