Can I ?? Will I ??

January 5, 2012
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The question is
What is this life..?
Sometimes I wonder if these tears will ever fade..
Leave me in Peace instead
Of drowning me in my own fate and sorrow..
I try so hard to wipe them away
These tears that don't stop falling..
Each tear made up of thousands of
Each memory made up of
No one there to collect my tears
No one there to carry me out of the pain
I'm living in..
No one to hug me in these dark times..
No one who feels what I feel to just tell me..
Its Gonna be OK..!
No one there to wipe away the pain
i feel..
I'm so weak
Too weak to fight for myself
Too weak to say " Yes I Can!! "
Too weak to know what i want..
When memories constantly reminding me..
I break down and this life means
Life will flow..but...
" Will I survive it ? "
The word 'LOVE' has cycled through
My Heart everyday..
Hoping my Unspoken words will heal what
I'm Feeling..
I'm broken in every bone in my body
My body is slowly wasting away..
I hate the way I'm made
Because I'll never be fully whole..
I cry inside my heart
Hoping that someday there might be a reason
I hide inside of what I'm (Nothing)
Here is reality..
I fake smiles at all these things in life..
Crying tears is all I do
No one knows
No one cares
No one takes time to realize..
I still smile and ask again--
What is this life ??

Created By The Lifeless

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