If You Take a Glance

January 4, 2012
If you take a glance
At me, my life
One will think that I
Am happy.

I have many things in my life
I hate to say
Money may be tight
But I still get cool things

I have friends
I am not a loner
But I hate to talk
To anyone, even friends.

I get good grades
A’s in advanced classes
With the sometimes exception of geometry
Almost all my teachers love me.

But that’s what on the outside
In the inside
Is worse.

Every day I face challenges
Social situations
Feelings of insanity
Not knowing if my mood is good or bad for the day

My mood shifts
It goes up and down like a roller coaster
Little things plunge me down
While it takes power to pull me up.

I face feelings of insanity
Disturbing thoughts
Did you hear that or just me?

I hate social situations
Talking to crowds
Is my enemy
Even answering someone is difficult.

Parents fight all the time
My mother threatening to move out
My father driven to drink
At least four beers a day

My sister’s insults
Her calling me names
And Mean.

My life isn’t great
It probably never will
Just remember what I say.

Next time when you look at me
Look farther then the surface
What you take as happiness
Is in reality sadness.

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