January 4, 2012
By AlyssaChrest BRONZE, St.Helens, Oregon
AlyssaChrest BRONZE, St.Helens, Oregon
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Snow Tubing
One day there was a boy named Henry he was going to ask if he and is father can go snow tubing. So when he got home he went up to his dad and said. “Can we please going snow tubing”. “Yes we will leave tomorrow just get all the home work you need so we can go snow tubing. So that night him and his father (Crab) packed so they can leave when Henry gets home from school. When he got off the bus a bully at school came up and said” where you going dork”.”No were.” Henry said with a scared tone. When Henry went into his class room he asked for his school work for this week of school. “Yes. Were you going for the week “said Mrs.Tinkler?” “We are going snow tubing to spend some father and son time by our self’s.” said Henry.” “Have fun snow tubing the rest of the week.” Said Mrs. Tinkle.”So Henry went to class to class getting all of his homework. Adding all the homework together he had at least twenty pages of homework. Some of the homework he has to do at school.
On the way to the tubing place the car started to run out of gas so they stopped at a gas station write near a hotel. So they got gas for the car and it was getting late so they drove over to the hotel and stayed the night there and left the next day. Leaving from the hotel it toke a two or three hour drive. As time went on Henry started getting inpatient. In his head he was saying “wish time would go faster. I wash we were there right now.”As time went on and on, he thought about being in the snow playing around. After just sitting there doing nothing he desisted to at a nap. So about ten minutes later he woke up thinking that they were there. But it was just his imagination thinking was there. He tried to go back to sleep but he just couldn’t. Then his dad said” where there!” Henry jumped up out of his set and his eyes all most came out of his head. Henry was so excited about snow tubing. Then is dad said” it is too late. We will snow tube in the morning.

After an hour Henry could not sleep. Then he started to fall asleep. Then at 8:00a.m he got up and said” get up it’s time to go snow tubing.” So Crab pulled his self out of bed and got dressed. They drove to the place and it was about twenty minutes. So when the got there they had to go throw a big line. “When you got up to the rope that pulls you, you have to sit on the tube and they will put in a rope that is moving up. Then when you get to the top you have to get up fast and unhook it. Then you go up to the top and they will say when to slide down.” Said Crab. So Henry gabbed a tube and went up and jumped on the tube and went you and started thinking” what is I do it before he says go.” Said Henry. Henry got to the top and waited then the guy gave him the signal. Henry went do as fast as he could and when he went down he had cold hard ice chunks hit his face as he went down. When he got to the bottom there was snow stuck to his hair and face. Then he looked up the hill and saw Crab on the hill coming down. When crab got there and said” you cold because you look like it.” No I’m just fine. How about you?” said Henry?” Not cold at all.” Crab said. They grabbed a bigger tube and went down it together and the same thing happened to them when they went down the first time on there own.
Then when he got up to the in line he saw the bully from school in line four people in front of him. The bully (Roderick) he was bigger than Henry. Roderick looks back to see who was saying his name but then Henry turns around so Roderick can’t see him there. When Henry was on the way I didn’t notes that Roderick new that he was there. When Henry got up to the top Roderick was waiting for him to get you there.” Hi there Henry” Roderick said. Henry looked at him like he was a dead man. Henry slowly got up off of the tube. “Henry how about you and I go on the two person tube so we can have some fun.” Roderick said. Henry and Roderick got the bigger one and went down. When they got to the bottom Crab was waiting down there for Henry. When they got over to Crab, Crab asked “how’s your friend there Henry.”” This is Roderick from school.” Henry said.” Nice to meat you.” Crab said. After that Henry and crab went home and then the next day they went back.
Henry fakes sick so he didn’t have to hang out with Roderick. But his dad still made him go. When he got there, there was no sign of Roderick but until he got to the top he was up there. When Henry got up there he was so scared about what he might do to him. Henry got to the top and Roderick wanted to do the same thing as yesterday but it was abet different. When Henry and Roderick got on Roderick quickly got off and pushed Henry down the hill. Henry was screaming on the way down. When he was heading down Roderick set up a trapper so Henry can flip on the way down. Henry hit the trap and flipped on his back and rolled all the way down. When he got to the bottom crab was running to him as fast as he could. Crab asked” what happen?”” Roderick push me down and made a trap. “Said Henry. The guy up top told Roderick to leave and never come back. So Roderick went home a Henry and crab went back to the hotel and the next morning they headed home. When they were on the way his dad asked “so what’s with you and Roderick and you?”

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