December 14, 2011
By Anonymous

6:00 a.m. wake up
Piercing sounds droning out my alarm clock
I move out of my bed slower than a sloth
Prepping for the long day ahead
Running out the door to catch the bus
Wind whipping against my rosy cheeks
I enter the bus and sit down laying my head against the freezing window
Desperately wanting to fall asleep as the bus engine murmurs on and on
Arriving at school we step off the bus one by one
Walking inside towards our lockers
We start our classes as the bell rings
After listening to teachers talk about algebra, golf, notes and gerunds
Comes lunch
Where you have to choose between
Bouncy hotdogs or plastic cheese and chips
I’ll pass
The bells rings again dismissing us from lunch to our next classes
Where we get the learn about rocks, Europe and spanish
Finally the last bell of the day
Lets up free from work
The 1 hour of homework

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